Advanben offers a full suite of voluntary benefit products.

Here are some examples, but not limited to, of the products Advanben can assist with:

Short Term Disability
Replaces income for a short period of time during a disability.

Long Term DisabilityLong Term Disability
Replaces income long term during a disability.

Universal LifeUniversal Life
Permanent coverage designed for stable rate premiums and higher death benefits.

Term LifeTerm Life
Most economic coverage that is limited to a designated period of time.

Whole LifeWhole Life
Permanent coverage designed for stable rate premiums, higher death benefits, and higher face value.

Hospital IndemnityHospital Indemnity
Assists with living expenses during hospitalization.

Identity TheftIdentity Theft
Protects assets and any costs incurred in case of identity theft.

Identity TheftPet Insurance
Protects the fur and feathered in your life in case of illness or injury.

Voluntary Vision InsuranceVoluntary Vision Insurance
Assists in covering medical costs connected to vision impairment.

Critical IllnessCritical Illness
Coverage for cash payments in case of covered illnesses.

Cancer CoverageCancer Coverage
Cash benefits for covered cancer treatments.

Covers expenses incurred due to injury.

Medical GapMedical Gap/Medical Bridge
Designed to fill in potential holes left by major medical insurance.

Limited MedicalLimited Medical
Lower cost alternative to major medical insurance.

Covers expenses incurred by prescription drugs.

Voluntary Dental InsuranceVoluntary Dental Insurance
Covers expenses connected to dental health and procedures.

Group Auto & Home InsuranceGroup Auto & Home Insurance
Coverage for individuals in your group to protect auto and home.