AdvanBen is comprised of an executive management team of insurance professionals with a single purpose: to provide a low cost and efficient benefit enrollment process through effective benefit communication.

At AdvanBen, we understand that every company has a unique employee base with particular needs. Our expert Enrollment Counselors, along with our variety of benefit communication and enrollment options, will be tailored to an employer’s specific needs and demographic identity. Thus, making each relationship specific and unique to the needs of every company.
This customized approach  not only enhances employees knowledge about what their company has to offer but has a significant impact on employee productivity. With this approach, we have seen our partners yield a return on investment (ROI) based on better communication and understanding of their employers benefits, services, policies and procedures.

Therefore, our mission is to provide our members with a low-cost, efficient benefit enrollment and administration solutions. We are committed to improving employee awareness and understanding through the most effective and accurate benefits communication and enrollment campaign.

With years of experience AdvanBen team brings, we have the insight necessary to advise you how to make the best choices for your company.


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